After I graduated college, I moved to Boston and also began cooking for myself. I had no job yet and therefore limited funds, so restaurant/take out dinners were not an option. After a couple weeks of monotonous meals curated from my standard grocery store staples (chicken, pasta, broccoli, sweet potatoes) with some trendy new ingredients I read about in food blogs (quinoa), I made a decision: I was going to learn how to cook really good meals. I wasn’t going to shy away from ingredients that I had never used or heard of, or strange vegetables that I’d never eaten before. I was going to forge bravely ahead into uncharted territory.

And here I am now, five and a half years later. I have learned so much about food, cooking, and myself. I’ve tried countless new dishes, some epic failures and some I wonder how I have lived so long without. I also have made it my second nature to continuously incorporate new flavors and vegetables into my meals. I originally set out to widen my palette and try new things, and I have found a hobby that I love, that I am passionate about, and that I will often put above the most tempting social engagements (“I can come, but I have to leave by 9:00 so that I can make a batch of granola before bed” – an actual text message I sent this summer).

My Mom has frequently told me I should begin writing down my recipes. Since Mom is always right, here we are. I think of this as more of a digital recipe box, not a blog. Hardly any of these recipes are originals. Some are my Mom’s, some are knockoffs of dishes I’ve eaten in restaurants, many are recipes I’ve found in my favorite cookbooks, and others are recipes dreamed up by my favorite food bloggers/chefs. I have credited anyone whenever I’ve used one of their recipes—even if I’ve made changes.

I hope that you find some inspiration here—making food is a core part of who I am and sharing this means so much to me.